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Before Submitting a Request

Please allow up to six (6) weeks for your inquiry to be answered. 

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Please include the item that you are looking for, the person’s full name (if available) that you are searching, and the year(s).


  • Who are you searching for – first, middle, and last name – ex: John L. Smith
  • What are you looking for – death record, marriage record, obituary
  • When – range of years, birth/death dates – ex: 1832-1842, b. 15 Jan. 1923 d. 15 Jan. 1923
  • Where – City, Township, County, State – ex: Clinton, Clinton Twp, Vermillion Co., Indiana


  • Please ensure you have the correct Vermillion/Vermilion. Note: Vermillion County, Indiana has two (2) L’s and Vermilion County, Illinois has one (1) L. 
  • Give us as much information as you can so that we can help you!