Traveling Book Collections

Nursing Home Deposit Collections

The Outreach Services delivers library materials on a monthly basis to nursing homes or special care facilities.  This service is free and available to nursing homes or institutions that possess a valid Clinton Public Library card.  If you know of someone living in a nursing home who might enjoy this service, or for more information about receiving this service, call CPL at (765) 832-8349, or email

Classroom Collections

Educators may borrow a collection of materials to supplement the resources of their classrooms. The collection may be for recreational use, or it may be a subject collection related to a class unit.
To request a collection, call and let us know the following information: 
Subject(s) of collection, Grade and reading level, Number of items (You may borrow up to 10-15 assorted items), Loan period–3 weeks.  Longer loans must be designated at checkout time.
You should know that: 
Collections will only be filled Monday through Friday at the Downtown Library. You may request a collection as often as you wish. The collection may include CDs, Audio Books, and DVDs. Duplicate copies of the same title maybe available.  Please check with staff. There may be limits on holiday books.
There may be limited availability on popular subjects certain times of the year. Such as pumpkin and leaf books during the fall, penguin and snow books during winter, bug books during spring, etc.
Contact the library for questions or to put in a request.  765-832-8349 or