Circulation and Use Policy



The Clinton Public Library belongs to the Evergreen Indiana Library Consortium, which includes as a fundamental objective the ability of library patrons to see and borrow library materials from all participating Evergreen Indiana Libraries.

An Evergreen Indiana library card is required in order to check out materials at an Evergreen Indiana Library. Patrons of the Evergreen Indiana Consortium libraries presenting the proper identification are eligible to receive an Evergreen Indiana library card from their home library subject to certain limitations.

An Evergreen Indiana library card is not transferable to another user.

Patrons of Indiana public libraries not participating in the Evergreen Indiana Consortium may be able to receive a library card at an Evergreen Indiana library pursuant to reciprocal borrower and other agreements. Users from non‐participating Indiana libraries will not have the same privileges as Evergreen Indiana patrons and such privileges may be suspended at any time without notice.

Circulation of materials will be limited to the following types of borrowers:

  • Resident Borrowers are permanent Clinton Township residents or one who owns taxable property in Clinton Township.
  • Reciprocal Borrowers are those who do not reside in Clinton Township but reside in a library district that has a reciprocal borrowing agreement with the Clinton Public Library. Use of the Evergreen Indiana card by reciprocal borrowers is limited to the Clinton Public Library.
  • Non-Resident Borrowers are those who do not reside in a library district and therefore cannot borrow materials as a reciprocal borrower. Non-residents must purchase a library card by paying a prescribed annual or a pro-rated three-month fee determined by the Clinton Public Library Board of Trustees.
  • PLAC Card Borrowers are those who purchase the “Public Library Access Card”: an annual card that can be used to borrow at any Indiana Library. The Indiana State Library sets PLAC card fees.  Note that a person residing outside Clinton Township wishing to purchase a PLAC card must also have a Paid Card.
  • Non-resident Student Borrowers are students residing outside Clinton Township, who do not qualify for reciprocal privileges, and who attend any school within the South Vermillion School Corporation district. The student borrower is the only household member that can obtain student borrowing privileges.
  • Outreach Borrowers are borrowers signed up for home delivery.
  • Temporary Borrowers: assigned to an individual who does not reside the full year in the library district. Examples include but are not limited to: relocated workers, temporary job placement, illness in family, house sitting, and summer home residents.
  • Transitional Borrowers: Optional profile for libraries wishing to offer library services to persons without a permanent home in their library district. Services are limited to those locally available with a maximum circulation of 3 concurrent items. Applicants must have a community sponsor. Term of service has been set at 3 months. A blue card should be issued to indicate that the card is only good at the issuing library.

Revised July 27, 2015 by the Clinton Board of Trustees